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Commandant with ‘finger on the pulse’!!

Article posted: Feb 01, 2015 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Thursday 22nd January 15 saw Commandant Air Cadets visit 5F (Northampton) Sqn to take part in a Heartstart course.
Commandant Air Cadets has taken a ‘lead by example’ approach as this course is now the mandatory minimum first aid training for all adult staff within the Air cadet Organisation (ACO) and the first part of first aid training for cadets.

The course was delivered by Flight Lieutenant Carol Haynes (Central & East Region First Aid Officer and Officer Commanding 5F (Northampton) Squadron) and Civilian Instructor Dawn Upton (Central & East Deputy Regional First Aid Officer and Adjutant 5F (Northampton) Squadron). They were ably supported by CI Ryan Blake (5F (Northampton) Sqn).

Commandant and her Staff Officer Flt Lt P S Liron, joined 12 cadets and two Sqn staff from 5F as learners. During a fun and very practical evening, all learnt how to deal with a severe Bleed, how to recognise and treat someone Choking and someone showing signs of a Heart Attack. Recognise and treat an unconscious casualty by placing them into the Recovery Position and finally, performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR. All learners also learnt about Automated External Defibrillators and when they should be used.

Commandant was an active learner within the course placing Cdt Cpl Samual Anderton in the recovery position and returning the favour by being a casualty for Cdt Cpl Anderton to place her into the recovery position.

All on the course said it was very fun and worthwhile despite the serious nature of the learning and all those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Commandant Air cadets said “I thought the evening was great fun and very informative and I genuinely believe that I learnt a great deal and could now cope with a real life medical emergency.”

Flt Lt P S Liron said “I will mirror the Comdts comments on how much fun the Heartstart training was, as an ex-dental nurse who had to endure 6 monthly resus training, this evening was by far the most enjoyable session I have ever had!”

At the end of the evening, Flt Lt Carol Haynes was also very pleased and honoured to be presented the first Air Cadet Magazine to be given out that has been signed by the Honorary Ambassador of the ACO, Group Captain Carol Vorderman.

The ‘obligatory’ selfie was taken by Flt Lt P S Liron with Flt Lt Haynes holding the magazine and this was followed by lots of tweeting of the picture – including being retweeted by Honorary Group Captain Carol Vorderman.

Flt Lt C Haynes RAFVR (T)
OC 5F Sqn