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Community Service Day

Article posted: Oct 19, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Rayson-Flynn

Members of 1211 (Swadlincote) Squadron Air Cadets spent the weekend raising money and working for the community on their Community Service day with a set of 4 aims which are:

• To support as many different charities as possible, effectively.
• Make a difference for good within the community
• To build partnership with local charities and Community Groups
• To ensure the volunteers enjoy the day while supporting the community

Facilitated by the Squadron Staff Team the activities were led by the older cadets. Flying Officer Charlotte Hughes who led on the teams sponsored activities, summed up by the day by saying “we supported 12 charitable organisations during the day and helped 4 community projects. The cadets, staff, committee and all those who supported our actions over the weekend would like to give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed in so many ways to make this day so incredibly successful.”

Flight Lieutenant Ruth Morgan added, ” Working for so many organisation’s like Men United (Prostate Cancer) and the Restoration of Hope is enormously important to us as it give us the opportunity work to a satisfying climax on our Make A Difference Day.”

The activities in which the 60 plus Cadets took part in included
• Raising funds for the Restoration of Hope Charity in Burundi, Africa, through a Sponsored Sporting event.
• Full litter pick of Eureka Park
• Organising Luncheon for the local residents
• Raising funds for the Men United Prostate Cancer Charity.
• Raising Awareness of Volunteers who work with the Air Training Corps in South Derbyshire .
• Recycling used spectacles through Specsavers for use in the third world as part of their Vision Aid Overseas Project.
• Citizenship training for new youngsters who have recently joined the ATC.
• Raising funds for the Luke Hammond Bursary for Cadets to take part in an accredited activity.
• Collection and distribution of second hand books, Videos and DVD’s to 5 local charity shops including
British Heart Foundation
St Giles Hospice
Cancer Research
East Midlands Air Ambulance
• Collecting and recycling used printer ink cartridges for the CVQO Charity.
• Also Cadets on training at RAF Scampton and Windermere Adventure Training Centre.

Squadron Commander Alyn Thompson told us, “Although our focus was in volunteering and working in partnership with other organisations; through consultation with our young people who were leading the project we found that they very much wanted to fund raise throughout the day for the charities and community groups we were about to work with. It was agreed that our Squadron should not lose sight of the fact that we were working and volunteering for the community and that any monies raised would not come to our Squadron, but all of it should be given to our partners. Their method of raising funds was agreed as being sponsored for their Community Volunteering work.”