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CTC Frimley Park - A Great Experience!

Article posted: Aug 25, 2010 by sl6

After spending three years in the Air Training Corps I have had many fantastic experiences and I have met some truly wonderful people. After I had been given information about the Cadet Leadership Course, I was determined to pursue the opportunity. Whilst I had expected that it would be a strenuous week that I was about to embark upon, I still managed to underestimate the pressure involved during my attendance on the course, that said, it was all positive may I add! As of the first day of the course I struggle to think of a better experience throughout my life, without mention of my cadet career of course.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by two staff, one being from Wales, Padre Soady, the Regional Padre, and my own platoon commander for the course, who was from Merseyside, 2Lt Harris. More and more people arrived from across Britain to attend the leadership based week and I can honestly say that I will never forget the people I met during the course.

We had been placed in a very competitive situation from the first day! We were immediately put into sports teams within our platoons. My first competition was volleyball and the events pushed our fitness levels to the maximum. The entire course required very demanding fitness level and this highlighted to us all the pressure that the Her Majesty’s Armed Forces are under. The way this had been proven was by after the second day putting us in army conditions, bashers in the rain!

On the Armed forces basis of being out in bashers, we had been given an L98 A2 rifle to cherish for the week. Sleeping in the fields of the Sandhurst army training centre made us truly understand and value the life of a soldier of any of the forces.

All in all, I have never experienced anything greater than the CTC Frimley Park Leadership course. After meeting people from various parts of Britain and also Canada, I have fantastic memories and valuable life experiences for which I shall draw upon and use both during my future cadet career and outside of the ATC too. I highly recommend this course for any cadet who is seriously pursuing a career in HM Armed Forces, as well as those who may not be – the experiences and rewards are useful whatever you go on to pursue.

By Cadet Corporal Alex Tolson – 2195 (Long Eaton) Sqn