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Derby Air Cadets Remain on Target

Article posted: Jul 15, 2009 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Cadets from Derby have proved over the last two weeks that they are still the top shots in the Air Training Corps by coming first in a national full bore shooting competition and winning the Air Gunners Trophy for the second consecutive year. Not only did they win the overall trophy but Sergeant Taiziya Marsh was named as the Top Individual Shot in the competition.

This success came only one week before the Bisley ISCRM meet. 126 Squadron entered two teams in this year’s competition and both were on top form. The highest placed individual was Sergeant Taiziya Marsh who came 3rd overall. Seven of the cadets from Derby attained a Cadet 100, being placed in the Top 100 shots at the Inter Services meet. This was topped with four cadets gaining their Corps Shooting Blue.

Sergeant Marsh said, “I am really proud of my shooting success at Bisley and in the Air Gunners competition. It is a great feeling to be named top shot in the Air Training Corps.”

Sergeant Ben Hirst who coaches the team said, “The whole team have done well. Not only the older cadets but our younger team members too. Cadet Alice Southall shot at Bisley for the first time this year, only 12 weeks after she started training on the full bore rifle. She is a talent to watch in the future.”

126 Squadron also had to muster an additional shooting team for the Wing Field Day competition last weekend. Despite having their best shots tied up at Bisley, the 126 Squadron “C team” lived up to the challenge on the day, coming fifth out of the 29 squadrons in the Wing.

The squadron shooting team is going from strength to strength. This is due to the dedication of the cadets and also the commitment of the staff training team, led by Sergeant Hirst. Wing Commander Nigel Dickinson sent an email of congratulations to the team. In it he said, “Everyone involved should be extremely proud of this marvellous achievement which again shows the versatility and commitment of the unit.”