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Derby Cadets Proud as Punch

Article posted: Apr 18, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

126 (City of Derby) Squadron has won the Punch Trophy for the fifth consecutive year after competing in the Inter Service Cadet Small Bore Championship last weekend.

This years Punch competition started as a very close event with the scores being posted after championship detail one seeing the ATC in the lead over the ACF by two points, that lead was increased to twelve points after detail two. The ATC dropped the third round but won the fourth detail with by a clear twelve points This meant their overall victory was twenty seven points clear of the ACF.
Concurrently the competition for the Service awards saw the ATC teams contesting for the Battle of Britain Trophy. This produced a thrilling climax to the event with 126 Sqn leading by one point with one card for each team to be shot. In the end 126 (City of Derby) Sqn beat 2452 Sqn by four points.

After the excitement of the Punch competition, the Shell competition was eagerly anticipated by those who gathered to watch. After the service knock out stages the last round produced a traditional nail-biting finale. In the final stages of the shoot the ACF had two discs left whilst the ATC had one disc left. It was the ATC who held their nerve.

Adult Flight Sergeant Helen Southall managed the Derby team to victory. She said, “this has been my first major competition in charge of the shooting team. I am really proud that we managed to put in a top performance and show that the Air Cadets are top class marksmen.”