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DofE? Come with me

Article posted: Jul 08, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

This weekend cadets Hannah Billson, Charlie Needham and Olivia Olsson started their Duke of Edinburgh career with a practice Bronze DofE expedition. On the first night they arrived at Drum hill Campsite and set up the tents, whilst also getting meet the other members of the team.

Waking up early the following morning, they cooked breakfast and packed away their kit ready for the long day ahead of them.
They started their strenuous walk at 9:15 and it didn’t take long until they got lost, but soon enough they found their way again. After several hours of determined walking they stopped for a lunch break. Finally, they made it to their end check point and the exhausted cadets celebrated their hard work.

Cadet Charlie Needham said, “It was really fun but it is very hard work and we met new people and learnt new skill”