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DofE Sucess for Syston Cadets

Article posted: Sep 21, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On Saturday 31st August during a sunny, warm morning, five cadets from 1181 (Syston) ATC Sqn met at the squadron to complete their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s award. Meeting at 0830hrs for a kit check, we were checked to see if we had all the necessary equipment for the sunny weekend. Even waterproofs were required in the famous sunny England.

After being given the all clear from our assessor, we headed off for a drive to Nailstone church to begin our walk. All kitted up, we headed off for the long day ahead of us! During your walk for D of E you have to have a project. The project we decided to embark on was geocaching! Geocaching is an orienteering activity where members on the public hide things in, inconspicuous places, using map skills you are challenged to find the hidden “treasure”. Within, 30 minutes of walking we arrived to where our first geocache was located. With a few minutes of searching, we found the “bison tube” that was our geocache.

Moving on heading through the Saturday things appeared to be going well, we hadn’t got lost (which generally helps on D of E) and we were all in bright spirits for the rest of the day ahead. Having had a spot of lunch, we continued our walk towards the camp site.

Arriving at the camp site, we dropped our kit and began to set up our luxurious homes for the evening. After setting up the tents, it was dinner time. We all opened up our meals and looked forward to a warm cup of tea after. Mr Adkin enjoyed ravioli and miraculously managed to carry round with him for the weekend a bottle of tomato ketchup.

Next morning, we woke and ate our warm breakfast. Heading off after packing our tents into our bags, we set out mind to saying “our bags are lighter as we’ve ate most of the food”. Walking along, we had an enjoyable day with a few more breaks for our tired feet and backs! At 1630hrs we finished our weekends walk and headed home for “mum’s Sunday dinner!”

An enjoyable weekend!! Thanks to Flt Lt Kenyon, Flt Lt Towell and CI Rickman for giving up their weekend to help the D of E expedition go ahead.

By Cdt Cpl George Sutton
1181 (Syston) Sqn ATC