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Drill Instructors Course with Hearts & Bucks Wing - A Success

Article posted: Sep 28, 2010 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Four SNCO staff from the South and East Midlands Wing have successfully attended a Drill Instructors course at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire. The course was held over the weekend of 24 to 26 September by Herts and Bucks Wing ATC and was the first of its kind where staff from outside of that wing, were invited to attend, in what is hoped will become a joint venture for the future.

Representing the South and East Midlands Wing were SGT Sarah Hughes (1936 NEWTON Sqn), SGT Mark Blacknell (504 Sqn), SGT Dominic Chisholm (858 Sqn) and SGT Colin Brooker (1101 Sqn), all with sights set on attending the Corps Drill Instructors Course at RAF Cranwell in the near future.

S&E Mids SNCO’s on Parade

The course is a Three Phase course, aimed at developing various skill levels. Phase One was designed to teach students to increase their personal drill standards and understanding, and in addition, teach the student to be able to command & control a drill squad in an effective manner. Those who are successful may progress onto Phase Two, which enables students to instruct others on a one to one basis, using established Corps training methods.
Phase Three further develops students by giving them an insight into Basic Weapons and Banner Drill movements that would prove useful as an active Drill Instructor.

Each student was required to pre learn an extensive instruction sheet that required them to name the movement they were asked to teach, demonstrate that particular movement in quick and slow time while calling out and judging the timings. Easier said than done!
As the course was held at the Royal Air Force Recruit Training School, all students were required to be of the highest standards in personal appearance, bearing and drill and were required to march at all times when on duty around the station.

The Wing Warrant Officer for Herts and Bucks Wing, WO Simon Getley, said staff from the South and East Midlands Wing were “absolutely outstanding and a credit to your Wing”. He further went on to say the course staff all held the students from the South and East Midlands Wing ”in high regard”, and thanked the South and East Midlands Wing for sending such good quality staff onto the course.

WO Rob Phillips said “I am proud of our SNCO Team who have attended this course and once again, demonstrated to our colleagues in another wing that we possess dedicated people with the highest of personal and professional standards. It is of no surprise that all have been invited back to attend the next stages”.

By WO R.C. Phillips
1936 Squadron MCO & WWO