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Ex: Gemini Adventure with 2071, 2425, 1101 & 422 Sqn's

Article posted: Jun 16, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Pass

We arrived at RAF Wittering on Friday 31st May and were picked up from the gate in one of the minibuses MT had lent us for the weekend. When we got to the cadet block we found what rooms we were in and met the cadets from other squadrons. Then we were split into 2 groups and went to Trafalgar Gym to do sports and team building exercises.

On Saturday 1st June we were part of the Bronze NNAS group and we went to the Training Development Flight building where we were briefed for our NNAS award assessment. We went through using map and compass properly and how to find a bearing. We also learned what to do if we got lost and revised the countryside code.

Then after lunch we were dropped off at Wakerley Great Wood, near to Uppingham where we began our walk. The first group went off track but they used what they had learned to get back to where they were meant to be.

On Sunday 2nd June we swopped over with the other group and went over to the DCCT & Climbing wall activities. We learned and practised the marksmanship principles and used the playback on the DCCT to check we were getting it all right. We got to practise target shooting at different length ranges and then in teams of we used the video scenarios. After lunch we moved to the mobile climbing wall which was fantastic!

Everyone passed the Bronze NNAS assessment; three cadets & Flt Lt Slack have applied for their Squadron Marksman badge!

Cadets Guildford & Shuttleworth
2071(Stamford) Sqn