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Febuary 2015 Passing out Parade

Article posted: Mar 02, 2015 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Tonight was one of the most proudest nights myself and fellow ex TDF now cadets have had.All the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters were also very proud. We had on our best blues/wedgewoods; pressed and clean, shoes shined to with an inch of their lives. With the help of all the cadets, staff, CWO Henson, Sgt(ATC) Ashby, Warrant Officer Hubbard, and Flt Lt Hargraves, we did it. We had a few tears on the way- some highs some very highs (1st flight) some not so high (rat holes) but I can say I am very happy to have found my 1461 family very helpful and can shout from any roof that 1461 Wigston are the best.

We showed our family DofE, camp, flight, rifles, Trust and leadership and drill I did slip but hope I can improve and make the boss happy to put the time in to us all.
I’ve spent 6 months at 1461 and its fair to say they are my second family.

Thank You everyone.

Cdt Hannah-May Gibbons 1461 Sqn