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First 25 mile Nijmegen training session all done.

Article posted: Feb 23, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Yesterday Cadet Warrant Officer Rebecca Parr took part in the South and East Midlands Wing first 25 mile training walk. They set off early in the morning with the fresh cold air all around. Their first leg was very long and so they had a quick rest break in the middle, where they were met by the support vehicle, driven by 2195’s Flight Sergeant Smith. The support vehicle carried some much appreciated chocolate bars, which they just managed to eat before setting off again.

The day then turned into a typical march with a few marching songs to keep them going, and rest breaks every 7 miles or so. It was not until lunch that the heavens decided to open, so the team put on their waterproofs and carried on.

It didn’t actually stop raining for the rest of the way, so to keep motivation high the team start to sing various classics such as don’t stop me now, the bear necessities and journey. The final check point was eventually reached, where the team could go inside and warm up with some hot chocolate or tea.

The last leg was then a push as this was further than most of the team had ever walked, and even those who had done it before could feel their legs as every slight incline approached. Due to this the team sang a few more marching songs, and soon found themselves back at 2070 Glenfield Squadron where they started.
The whole team were proud of what they had achieved, and this was echoed by Squadron Leader Mayoh-Smith and Sergeant Elton. There was a buzz in the air despite everyone’s dripping uniform, as the Cadets could see the challenge ahead may be possible.

Cadet Warrant Officer Parr said “today’s walk was one of the more challenging due to the beautiful rain we had for half of the way, but even still sprits were high, and I think we are going to have an enjoyable training session this year.”