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Flying again at Rushden Sqn

Article posted: Sep 29, 2014 by Sqn Ldr Utting

After a long spell of the Tutor aircraft being grounded for modifications the Rushden cadets were able to go back to 5 AEF Squadron and take to the skies once again.

The cadets from 858 have been itching to get back in the air after a long spell of not being able to go flying. The Tutor fleet were ground in August this year to make some modifications which took some time. However, they are now all up to date and ready to be flown.

10 cadets were given an opportunity to go flying on Sunday 21st September. As soon as a list went on the squadron notice board there was no shortage of volunteers!

For all of the cadets that were selected it was their first time flying in the Tutor aircraft. After an in depth briefing provided by the flight staff at 5 AEF the cadets were taken away a few at a time to be fitted for their flying suits, gloves and most importantly their helmets.

Cadets Ryan Green and Helen Samanon had their first flying experience that beautiful Sunday morning but they both got up to very different things in the air. Helen came back and said “My first flight was fantastic! The pilot asked me what I would like to do so I asked if I could fly it by myself for a while and that’s exactly what I did. It was such a great feeling flying the aircraft and learning how to make level turns with use of all 3 control surfaces.”

Ryan said after his flight “The weather was perfect as I wanted to do aerobatics. I asked my pilot if we could do some aerobatics and we ended up doing a full loop and a barrel roll. I even had time to try a loop by myself! Flying is by far the best thing I have done so far in cadets but saying that I’ve not been here long so I look forward to everything else I have to come.”

Rushden Squadron recruit teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 if you are interested feel free to attend the squadron during a parade evening on Monday and Wednesday nights from 7.00p.m till 9.30p.m at the Drill hall on Victoria Road in Rushden. For more information please call (01933) 411383 (Mon & Wed Evenings) or email
In addition we are also seeking Adult Volunteers, aged 20 and above, no previous cadet or military experience required, to assist in providing opportunities to cadets in Rushden. For details please contact Flying Officer Colin Harmer 07803288143.

Left to Right: Cadets Ryan Green, Imogen Kitchen, Ryan Richardson, Zoe Cooper, Xavier Williams, Bradley Garrett, Sophie Smith, Jamie Richardson, Sofia Keilholz, Helen Samanon