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Forum Membership Reaches 100!

Article posted: Apr 23, 2008 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Since the launch of the new Wing Website in July 2007, Sgt Gareth Broxton ATC of 422 Sqn has become the 100th member of the Wing forum. The forum is open to all serving Officers, ATC SNCO’s, CI’s, Padres & CWO’s of South & East Midlands Wing and offers an opportunity for sharing of ideas / good practice, communications from Wing & Sqn staff, information resource tool and general ATC related debate.

The forum has many options & tools that can be utilised by it’s members, for example create polls to gauge opinions, broadcast important messages to all forum members, ‘watch’ topics & receive optional e-mail alerts when messages / replies are posted, attach files to messages, personal theme settings etc.

Since the introduction of the forum, there have been 109 different topics discussed with 411 individual postings. The most popular topic has been viewed 735 times, therefore proving to be a useful resource of information. With over 350 eligible members from across the Wing, there remains plenty of staff that could still utilise the forum. Therefore anyone eligible & wishing to join should follow the link on the main website home page.