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From Cadets to Staff Cadet

Article posted: Apr 22, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On Saturday 9th April, Cadet Corporal Stephen Taylor went on a Staff Cadet Course: a compulsory course which cadets need to attend in order to stay in the ATC beyond the age of 18.

Throughout the day, the cadets on the course went through some PowerPoints and group discussions about the topics on the course.
The first topic was on the Structure of the ATC. This is to make sure that the older cadets know the history of the ATC so that they can set a good example to the newer cadets who may know less. This entailed looking at our wing, region and core structure of the ATC and looking at who is in each role.

The second topic was looking at the Conditions of Service for staying on past the age of 18 as a staff cadet. This meant that they went through and looked at the conditions to make sure that they have gained something by being in the ATC and that they are going to do their best to give something back to the core. It also went through the paper work, such as DBS forms, which have to be completed before they are 18 years of age.

The next topic was the Responsibilities that they would gain from being a staff cadet, such as the moral and legal responsibilities you obtain when turning 18. They then discussed and looked at what responsibilities that you gain at different ages to make sure they know what to expect from cadets and the different responsibilities there are outside of the air cadet organisation.

The next topic was looking at the Welfare of Cadets and how to deal with situations which may be affecting a cadet’s career or life outside of the cadets. They discussed the different signs to look out for in cadets to see if they think that anything could be wrong for them. They discussed this because it is important to make sure that cadets are well and getting the most out of their Air Cadet Organisation and that the cadets are safe.

The next topic was looking at the equality and diversity in the Air cadets and about why everyone should be treated fairly.
He said “This course was well worth doing given that it will allow me to stay in cadets for more years to come”

Written by Cadet Corporal S Taylor