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Glenfield Sqn on ATC Sunday

Article posted: Feb 13, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On Sunday 5th February 2012 in the face of adverse weather conditions, 21 cadets and 2 members of staff from 2070 (Glenfield) squadron attended the annual ATC Sunday parade at St Peter’s Church in Glenfield.

ATC Sunday marks the anniversary of the Air Training Corps, which was formed on 5th February 1941. This year marked the 71st anniversary of the ATC. The overnight snow had proven to be quite a challenge for a lot of the staff and cadets, in particular the guest speaker; Air Vice Marshall Phillip Osborn who was travelling a long distance to be in attendance. However, this did not deter everyone as cadets began to arrive on bicycles, in Wellington boots and in all manner of outdoor winter clothing to make sure their uniform was not ruined for parade!

The service was conducted by the squadron padre Sue Bradley where she enrolled 9 junior cadets into the Air Training Corps. The cadets made their Air Cadet Promise:
“I, Cadet [Full Name], hereby solemnly promise on my honour to serve my Unit loyally and to be faithful to my obligations as a member of the Air Training Corps. I further promise to be a good citizen and to do my duty to God and the Queen, my Country and my Flag”.

The Squadron banner was paraded proudly by CPL Holford with SGT Fielder and SGT Zishiri as escorts, although no formal parade was conducted due to the tricky conditions underfoot.
CI Brewster: “It is good to see so many cadets recognising the importance of ATC Sunday and making every effort to attend. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many turn up, I was only expecting around ten to do so, it was also very encouraging to see the church as full as it was”.

It was certainly a memorable day for those cadets being enrolled into the ATC and also to all of those who were on parade as the whole country had been transformed into a winter wonderland.

By CI James Brewster
2070 Glenfield Sqn ATC