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Glider Pilot Wings for 2070 Sqn Cadet

Article posted: Apr 21, 2008 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Air Cadet Luke Dale of Anstey has recently been awarded his Grade 2 Glider Pilot Wings having successfully completed over 25 solo flights. Based at 643 Voluntary Glider School at RAF Syerston in Nottinghamshire the Lonslade College student now aims to soon gain his Grade 1 Pilot Wings, this will then enable him to take other cadets aloft for instruction.

Cpl Luke Dale proudly shows off his Wings

Luke, 17 is a Corporal with 2070 (Glenfield) Squadron and he spends most weekends at RAF Syerston where he is a Flight Staff Cadet, a trusted position only afforded to the very best students who complete the Air Cadet Gliding Scholarship Course. Flying the Viking T MK 1 winch launched glider the school is one of 28 across the UK providing Glider Experience Flights and Training for Air Cadets of all ages, many eventually going solo before they can even pass their car driving test.

Luke himself has had a few hiccups with his driving and hopes to pass his driving test next week at the 3rd attempt, the butt of many jokes and comments at the Squadrons. He calmly shrugs them off but deep down really hopes to pass if only to relieve his parents of the weekly trip to Syerston.

By Flt Lt Steve Mayoh-Smith RAF VR(T)
Commanding Officer 2070 (Glenfield) Sqn ATC