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Gliding in the Blue skies

Article posted: Feb 26, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On the 19th February 2012 five Cadets from 2418 Sherwood Squadron went gliding with 644 VGS at RAF Syerston. We left the Squadron at about 7.45. We soon arrived at RAF Syerston as it’s not far from Nottingham.

Upon entering the 644 VGS building we were greeted by one of the flight staff cadets and signed the visitor’s book and were soon given our flying suits ready to fly. We had a short briefing about the gliders and safety around the aircraft. We then moved to the main briefing room where we got a brief with the pilots on the weather conditions and other vital information about gliding for the day.
We were driven out to the caravan to wait for our turn to go gliding, one by one our names were called out and we were escorted to the aircraft where we put on the parachute and flying gloves. Then being helped into the vigilant glider, ready to set off the pilot explained everything he was doing to start the aircraft and the final checks. We then taxied out to the runway and were soon airborne. During the flight I had the chance to stall the aircraft which was very fun!

Soon the 30 minute flight was over and we moved back to the 644 VGS building, we gave our flight suits back and were soon back on our way to the squadron. Overall everybody who attended had a really good day and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Cadet Watt
2418 (Sherwood) Sqn