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Going For Gold (Well Almost)…Silver Actually!

Article posted: Oct 07, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Seven Cadets from 2070 (Glenfield) ATC have recently completed their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition in the White Peak Area of the Peak District, Derbyshire. CPL Fielder, CPL Forrester, CPL Warwick, Holford, Allampalle, Davies and Hiom are now ready to complete their Qualifying Expedition.

The expedition began on Friday 23rd September with the cadets arriving at the train station bright eyed and bushy tailed, although it would remain to be seen whether their enthusiasm would remain throughout the duration of the expedition! The cadets averaged 15km a day across challenging terrain. Each cadet took a map reading lead to put into practice some of the key concepts of navigation including how to orientate the map, how to take bearings, aiming off and handrailing. The practice expedition was also effective in identifying what the cadets had forgotten!

They had to demonstrate other skills such as sound camp craft, effective use of their kit and demonstrate an awareness of their surroundings whilst obeying the country code. CI Anderson commented that “…it’s good to take young adults out of their comfort zone to really test them; this weekend did just that with a good time had by all involved”.

The weather was very much a mixed bag with sunshine on Friday, sunshine and gusty winds on Saturday and a good old drop of rain on Sunday. After all folks; if it isn’t raining it isn’t training! Jokes aside it is important to experience a range of weather conditions to ensure that the cadets understand the challenges they may face on their qualifying expedition in the Dark Peak area of The Peak District.

So for now it is Silver, but it won’t be too long before 2070 is going for Gold!

By CI James Brewster
2070 Glenfield Sqn ATC