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Group Captain visits “top notch unit”

Article posted: Jan 22, 2010 by sl1

Wednesday 14th January’s parade night at 1461 Wigston Sqn had a VIP visitor, the Regional Commandant of Central and East Region, Group Captain Morrell.
The night started with a chat with the Officer in charge, followed by a tour of the “excellent accommodation” and a meet and greet with the staff and cadets.
The Group Captain then took time to speak to the cadets and listened to what they had to say. He promised to go back to work and push for more “blue” camps, including ones with the Army Air Corps and United States Air Force. The cadets were interested to hear about the mobile regional aerospace centres, as well as this year’s plans for an increase in overseas camp places.
In his follow up letter the Group Captain said that 1461 was “developing into a top notch unit with a significant portfolio of exciting activities.” Of the staff and cadets he wrote “I am impressed with the staff and cadets; the youngsters are a splendid group of people, in very good heart and a great credit to everyone associated with them.”
With the Squadron pulling together and plans being made to make this a cracking year, the Group Captains comments have made the Sqn even more determind!

Fg Off Tim Hargraves
OiC 1461 Sqn