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Heart Start Success for Ilkeston cadets

Article posted: Feb 16, 2009 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Nine cadets took part in the Heart Start emergency life support training on 15th February 2009 during their recruit weekend. The Heartstart UK is an initiative to teach members of the public what to do in a life-threatening emergency: simple skills that can save lives. It provides opportunities for people to learn the vital skills of Emergency Life Support. Through Heartstart UK aims to strengthen the chain of survival by promoting and supporting ELS training in the community.
The Cadets were taught by Sgt Joanne Fowler, the benefits of CPR, how to make an emergency phone call, the recovery position, what to do with severe bleeding, heart attacks and choking. All cadets performed CPR in a calm and effective manner and passed, gaining the award in Emergency Life Support.

Sgt Joanne Fowler (ATC)
348 Sqn ATC