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“Hey ho captain jack, meet me down by the railway track”

Article posted: Jun 02, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

The sound of marching songs, was the sound of Swynnerton 2015 on its way. Nothing could deter over 250 Air Cadets, including 11 from 2195 Long Eaton Squadron, from across the Midlands having a gruelling, yet fun, week of training this year held at the excellent facilities offered by the Army Training Area at Swynnerton, Staffordshire.

The cadets and supporting staff set up and ran a full week of outdoor activities, training and competition. With a full programme that takes in Shooting, Fieldcraft, First Aid, Leadership, Confidence Course, Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Ambush tasks, Raft Building and the “Gun Run” as well as time to practice Drill movements under the watchful eye of the Wing Warrant Officer, there was little time for relaxation for either cadets or staff. Immediately after placing cadets in their accommodation, they were straight on to their feet, starting the long strenuous but extreme fun camp.

First evening of Swynnerton 2015, saw the camp of cadets get assigned their flights, in which they would have to work together for the week camp. The ice breaker exercises included; Hula hoop, your name, Rope knot and spiders web. This was an opportunity for the Flight commanders to get to know their cadets.

Over the course of the week, cadets were put through thick and thin, taking on different activities and challenges each day to earn points. At the end of the week these points would determine which flight would get 1st prize for best Flight. 2195 (Long Eaton) Squadron had two of its own cadets being put forward for Flight commanders, Cadet Sergeant Craig Harrison and Cadet Corporal James Bland who both did extremely well on taking an intense but admirable position.

Swynnerton 2015 came to an end with the final parade, which saw the “Wing warrant officers wonders” demonstrate the new drill routine in front of the Wing Commander and various officers. There was also the important awards for best male and female accommodations but the most important award was for the best flight who had the highest points of Swynnerton 2015. It was awarded to Cadet Flight Sergeant Jade Cox who got 115 points, Flight Sergeant (Corporal) James Bland coming 2nd with 112 points.

Cadet Lani Diggle said “It was a fantastic camp, I really enjoyed massive games we played, and totally want to go again next year. Recommend anyone to go!”