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‘Hot Stuff’ at 2248 (Rutland) Squadron….

Article posted: Aug 29, 2014 by Sqn Ldr Utting

On Tuesday 19 Aug 2014, Cadets and Staff of 2248 squadron attended a training session in fire safety at the squadron headquarters.

The training period consisted of what action to take in the event of fire, how to raise the alarm, summoning the fire service, evacuation, the make up of a fire and fire extinguishers.

The session finished with a practical lesson using ‘live fire extinguishers’ on ‘real fires’.

Delivering the training was Flying Officer Paul Ferguson MIFPO RAFVR, who is training manager at the squadron. Paul said “All of the cadets and staff who took part are considerably more aware, alert and now know how to react in a fire situation whilst on duty with the Air Cadets, at home or at play.

The training forms part of our annual health & safety briefings and gives those who take part a greater understanding of the behaviour of fire, how to escape, raise the alarm and methods for calling the emergency services. The session ended with a hands-on, confidence building exercise where students use active fire equipment on a number of ‘live fire’ situations using a fire simulator rig.

This evening we simulated a waste paper bin fire (A class fire) and a fire involving a flat screen TV (electrical equipment fire). Cadets had to choose the correct extinguisher capable of dealing with both types of fires and then attempt to put them out.

A well done to all who took part, it was reassuring to see through questions and a knowledge check how well the training was absorbed and then put into practice”.

The pictures show the cadets learning about the various types of fire extinguishers and then using them on the simulator.

By Flying Officer Paul Ferguson MIFPO RAFVR.