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If you go down to the woods today

Article posted: May 08, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Utting

You will find new cadets from 2502 Hamilton squadron bimbeling round. 20 new cadets from Hamilton squadron spent the weekend of 16 and 17 April learning about Fieldcraft and Leadership skills. This is the third year of running the camp at Johns Lee Wood scout camp near Markfield in Leicester. This year was entirely Hamilton cadets on the camp for the first time in many years.
Cadets setting up camp.

The camp is aimed at new cadets to the squadron or fieldcraft, with the Saturday all about camouflage, concealment, movement and learning how to recon an area. The cadets then have to deliver a brief to the staff on what they have seen, recorded and build little models of the area with whatever they can find. The cadets were taught all this by Sgt ATC Geoff Elliott who is ex RAF Regiment Sergeant with many years of service and operational tours.
Many of the cadets, if not all, this was their first time camping and cooking for them selves. With this in mind, cadets had lessons of hygiene and cooking food in the field. Some ingenious menu ideas were on display on the camp.
One way to warm up a sausage roll.

The camp was a prime opportunity to put the new camping stoves, tents and sleeping bags to the test. The equipment was bought last September with a lottery grant and this has been the first opportunity the squadron has had to test the equipment.
Caption: Ready, Steady, Cammo cook!

The day continues with combining all the Fieldcraft skills they have learnt and get ready for a night exercise in the local area. For many, this was the most exciting point for them, using all there new found skill to find and tag several hostile forces control points and using the squadron radios call a virtual airstrike.
The Sunday was a leadership day, with the two flights split into teams of 5 and completing 4 initiative exercises. The day started with a run to wake them up as they had woken the staff at 0650. Sgt ATC Richard Jinks, our resident Personal Trainer and PT Instructor, taking them for a warm up ready for the strains of the initiative exercises.
Fg Off Nash gave the two flights a basic lesson on leadership then they set off on a round robin style leadership exercises.
The pipe of DOOM!

With the cadets thoroughly tired, they pack all there kit up and went home, having had a very enjoyable camp.
Officer Commanding 2502, Flt Lt Andy Faulkner Said “They camp was the best yet. All the cadets and staff have enjoyed themselves, with the cadets receiving some first class Fieldcraft and leadership training. Hopefully they will tell their fiends what they got up to and are eager to get on more camps”