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If you go down to Vigo Woods....

Article posted: Nov 30, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Last weekend cadets and staff from 2071 (Stamford) Squadron, 1947 (Birstall) Squadron and 1461 (Wigston) Squadron, South & East Midlands Wing were joined by cadets and staff from 2412DF2 (Odiham), Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wing for a weekend training exercise at RAF Wittering.

The weekend got off to a flying start on Friday morning when the team from 2412DF2 (Odiham) arrived in style by Chinook landing on the taxiway close to ‘Charlie South’ RAF Witterings’ Cadet Accommodation. The Chinook from 18 Sqn was organised by RAF Odihams’ Deputy Air Cadet Liaison Officer FS Dave Neale, who also participated in the weekends activities.

Sgt Gary Ansell CCF Test NCO E2 who has his office at Charlie South said “It was great to see the Chinook arrive on the usually quiet airfield, from the faces of all the cadets it was obvious that they had really enjoyed the flight and were looking forward to the weekend.”

As the cadets and staff from Odiham had arrived early they were able to get some extra marksmanship practise time on the DCCT. The DCCT was made available to the camp for the whole weekend thanks to Sgt Thorne from Force Protection. Things really got going on Saturday with cadets moving around the station in their flights taking part in various activities, such as: individual camouflage and concealment skills, “Hide the (white) Minibus Challenge”, searching skills, Heartstart – emergency first aid and of course use of the DCCT.

After a long day of training the cadets were rushed to the Junior Ranks Mess for a final meal before being briefed and sent out on a night exercise in the woods. The flights were dropped off and sent out into the misty gloom looking for a series of boxes containing information. As well as the challenges of navigating in the dark there was the small matter of avoiding the red cyalume-wearing enemy staff whilst hunting for the downed pilot – played by Sgt ATC Harrison and his sole blue glow cyalume. Some hours later the cadets and pilot were recovered to the light and warmth of Charlie South accommodation and a welcome brew!

By Flt Lt Helen Gibson OC 2071 (Stamford) Sqn and
Plt Off Nick Sexton OiC 2412DF2 (Odiham)