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INCO course - 2195 Sqn

Article posted: Sep 08, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

At the Initial NCO Course, they did several things over the course of the weekend to prepare them for what could possibly be their future role as a junior NCO.

Spanning the weekend 4th to the 6th September at RAF Wittering, Cadet Logan McNamara from Long Eaton Air Cadets took part in various activities such as taking part in drill and acting as drill IC.
Also, he had to plan a 10 minute lesson of his choosing to teach to the other cadets and he took part in multiple lessons about leadership, cadet welfare and method of instruction.

Cadet Logan McNamara said “The weekend was very enjoyable but was also extremely tiring, but it’s more than worth it.”
Written by Cadet Corporal L Diggle
2195 Media Team.