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It all gets spooky at 2418!

Article posted: Nov 11, 2014 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

On Tuesday night there was quite a fright, as our once calm and peaceful squadron was transformed into a terribly, but epic building of creepiness as it was covered in giant spiders and freakish decorations. First, the cadets on arrival got a wicked welcome and put in their allocated flights (A flight and B flight), we were then put to the test doing a range of fun activities.

The members of staff and cadets were all dressed as freaky ghouls and monsters, for a night of many amusing activities including a best dressed cadet competition. This was decided by the staff; the cadets did a mini cat walk to show off their costume and also got to show off their impressive acting skills. The night also got reasonably messy, as one of the games involved us shoving our faces into flour to find a marshmallow and put it in a pot, no hands allowed! This was great fun, especially to see everyone covered in flour. This was followed by a quick clean up then on to the next activity of unknown surprises…

Literally! Five pots per flight were lined up and a competition ensued. First a cadet would have to find an item in the cold food, and then be offered a spoonful for extra points, never to know what it was they we’re going to get! After that we had a traditional Halloween activity of apple bobbing and then back upstairs for final parade. All in all a very fun and scary night! Special thanks to CWO Grant for making this all happen.

2418 Sqn