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It’s 100% from South & East Midlands Wing

Article posted: May 03, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On Saturday & Sunday 28th & 29th, South & East Midlands Wing Road Marching Team took part in the annual 2day, 50 mile qualifying event at RAF Cosford. The weekend is organised by the Walking and Road Marching Association (WARMA).

On arrival in the pouring rain, the wing team were soon housed in a marquee. The female members of the team were more fortunate however as the found themselves sleeping inside an accommodation block!

Team 1

Saturday began bright and early at 0500hrs. The wing was split into two teams with one leaving in detachment A, the other in detachment B. The day went according to plan with the cadets getting to mix with other road marching teams. Blisters and sore muscles aside, the team completed the day with no casualties. Good admin forms an essential part of any road marching team and South & East Midlands were very good at demonstrating this; getting showered, fed, watered, foot-care and kit prepared for the following day in a prompt manner.

Team 2

Sunday began in a less than enthusiastic way as the teams were awoken by strong winds and heavy rain. This rain was to continue for the whole day, wetting everybody from head to toe, although this would not put off some very determined cadets. Normally, at the finish the cadets would soak up the post-march atmosphere and cheer the other teams in – unfortunately but sensibly this was not to be the case as the final parade and awards presentation were abandoned.

Despite the appalling weather, all of South & East Midlands Wing Team completed the two day 50 mile march, continuing the wings 100% record at RAF WARMA as the event itself experienced the highest failure rate since it began with over 200 people failing to complete it. Congratulations to everyone that took part and the very best of luck at the Nijmegen Marches later this year!

By CI James Brewster
2070 Glenfield Sqn ATC