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It’s a small world for Typhoon pilot.

Article posted: Nov 30, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Mayoh-Smith

5F(Northampton) Sqn recently had a visit and talk from Sqn Ldr Richard Crook who served as a Tornado Pilot with the RAF.
Richard gave a very interesting and insightful talk covering numerous topics such as the capability of the Typhoon, the weapons carried (both previously and currently) and on board technology and how it is used. Richard used lots of his own personal photographs from various operations and deployments and he included video clips to demonstrate and explain further some of the things he talked about. Cadets and staff alike thoroughly enjoyed his talk/presentation and asked lots of pertinent questions during and at the end.
Since delivering his talk to the Squadron, Richard has taken up a position in the Middle East where all his military and teaching experience will be utilised in full and 5F wish him well.
The evening was arranged by 2IC 5F, Flt Lt Graham Holloway who happens to be Richard’s cousin. It further turned out that in 2011 Richard was a student on a course delivered by Flt Lt Haynes (OC 5F) and CI Dawn Upton (Adj 5F) at RAF College Cranwell. It is indeed a small world!!

Submitted by CI.D Upton
Adjutant. 5F(Northampton) Sqn
27 November 2012