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Jointery at Johns Lee Wood

Article posted: Apr 30, 2010 by sl1

Twenty six Air Cadets from 1936 (Newton) Sqn and 209 (West Bridgford) Sqn took part in a joint weekend camp at the Johns Lee Camp site in Leicestershire.

An extensive training programme was provided ensuring that everyone from the newest to the most experienced Cadets learnt something new. There was a heavy emphasis on hands on activities including rope bridge exercises, bivi building, and stretcher races. Other training like Camouflage and concealment and movement and observation exercises were preparation for the Night Navigation exercise which incorporated all the training throughout the day into one consolidated team event.

Cdt Sam Hackett on the rope exercise

Flight Lieutenant Jodi Hudson, OC 1936 said of the camp,” I’m quite genuine in this. It’s good to see two units come together for joint exercises combining all their available skills and expertise for what was an undoubtedly a fantastic camp.”

Cdt Rachael ‘Jedward’ Allcoat leads the way on the stretcher race

Cadet Sam Hackett (16) of 209 Sqn said “It’s been really good. The night ex was great except when we got lost!”

At the end of the weekend the following awards where made. Best Flight went to No.2 Flt commanded by Sgt Tamara Swales (1936) with Sgt James Greenhalgh (209) as her 2IC. Sgt Greenhalgh also got best NCO of the camp and Best Cadet went to Cdt Rachael ‘Jedward’ Allcoat of 1936 Sqn.

Sgt (ATC) Richard Vincett MCO 209 Sqn