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Jubilee Visit by HM Queen

Article posted: Jun 26, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On Wednesday 13th June, early in the morning representatives of the Air Training Corps, South and East Midlands Wing in particular, made their way through Nottingham in preparation for the Royal visit to Nottingham, part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Upon arrival at the control check point, Fg Off Nuttall (1360 Sqn), CWO Kment (1360 Sqn), CWO Hallam (1359 Sqn) and Cadet Flt Sgt Grant (2418 Sqn) met with all the other representatives of uniformed youth organisations and veterans, and soon after all were given briefs as to what would happen during the morning. It was then time for people to make their way to the Council House, and take positions awaiting the arrival of the Royal family.

CWO Claire Hallam, as Lord Lieutenant’s cadet, was put in the flower party, accompanying the Royal family through the square, assisting with flowers presented to them. Flt Sgt Daniel Grant was placed on the outside of the Council House, along with other representatives, looking smart lining the stairs. CWO Jess Kment was positioned to line the stairs inside the Council House, along with other cadets, and Fg Off Michelle Nuttall was located with other adult leaders inside.

Soon after the Queen, accompanied by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, arrived into the city centre, even the people located inside were made aware of their presence as the vast crowd that had gathered erupted with noise. Not long after the Royals made their way through the square, and up to the balcony of the Council House, passing within inches of the ATC representatives, ready for the Army band to play the National Anthem, followed by three cheers for her Majesty.

The royal family then made their way back down the stairs once again to get into their cars, to move on to Vernon Park, and then Stamford later in the day.

For CWO Kment, this event was very well timed, 3 days later, she turned 20, and although she is staying in the ATC, this was an awesome way to finish her cadet career.
This was a once in a life time opportunity for all involved, and something that will not be forgotten.

By Fg Off M Nuttall
1360 (Stapleford) Sqn ATC