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Kettering Air Cadets Cross Country Winner!

Article posted: Apr 22, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Utting

An air cadet from Kettering selected to run in a major cross country championship representing England, came second overall, beating other cadets from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Cadet Lauren Mehmet was selected after being placed first out of 130 entrants in the Girls Cross country championship recently held at RAF Wittering.

The selection involves cadets chosen from the 180 squadrons around the South and East Midlands. Trials are held all around the country culminating in the finest runner being selected to represent their region. Kettering squadron is a member of Central and East Region which includes squadrons from Birmingham, Warwick, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire as well as more local counties such as Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Rutland and of course, Northamptonshire.

Cadet Mehmet’s trials started at RAF Wittering. Here she beat 130 runners within the Wing from counties such as Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. This run was done wearing trainers as she was unable to wear her proper running shoes due to the track being partially on roads and not just the usual all grass track. She also got lost 3 times but still managed to gain her place at the front each time!

Mehmet’s next run was at RAF Cranwell where again her talent shone through and she ensured her place to represent the Region. Cadet Mehmet came first in her class at RAF Cranwell. The region actually won 5 out of 6 trophies therefore ensuring first place overall. The cadets then had to race again at RAF Cranwell representing England against teams from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Cadet Mehmet said “I did my best for the squadron and the team”.

The squadron is always looking for budding sports stars. The Air Cadets offers swimming, football, hockey, rugby, cross country and athletics. For those individuals who are talented and wish to progress in their chosen sports the Air Cadets is a very easy way of being considered to represent and win awards for their town, county, wing, region and country with many air cadets sports stars being found whilst in the cadets.

The squadron is currently recruiting young people aged between 13 and 17 and is open Monday and Wednesday evening from 7.15pm to 9pm. The next intake night will be Monday, 9th May. The unit is also looking to recruit fundraisers, committee members and sponsors to assist with providing further training opportunities for the young people of the Kettering area. The squadron can be contacted via a 24 answer phone on 01536 481999, or more information can be found on the website