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Leadership Potential at 1461!

Article posted: May 15, 2015 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Cadet Corporal Timson attended the sought after Cadet Leadership Course held at Nesscliffe Training Centre in Wales.

CPL Timson spent a week with members of the Air Training Corps, Army Cadet Force and the Combined Cadet Force. During which, he went through a gruelling programme which included completing sections on front line first aid, casualty evacuation, learning how to set up a temporary base, camouflage and concealment, field tactics and section/ platoon attacks.

Cadet Corporal Timson performed well during the course gaining an all-round ‘Good’ in his course report, keeping the standard up for 1461 SQN in the corps during this multi-cadet service camp.
This course has allowed CPL Timson to further stretch his leadership skills and he is looking forward to taking on the Air Cadet Junior Leaders Course later this year.

1461 Media Team