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Leadership Success for Derby Cadets

Article posted: Mar 05, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Twenty cadets have recently completed 126 (City of Derby) Squadrons annual NCO Cadre Course.

126 Squadron held its annual NCO Cadre course at its squadron headquarters in Derby. On the course, which is accredited by the BTEC authority, the cadets were taught the varying skills required to become a good cadet NCO and an excellent leader. Throughout the weekend, the cadets were taught lesson techniques, leadership techniques and drill theory. They were put through their paces in some demanding motivation exercises and practical drill instruction.

The NCO Cadre course is run by Adult Warrant Officer Chris Ince and Flying Officer Jackie Glover. Fg Off Glover said, “over the years we have built up a varied program for our leadership course. As well as the traditional lesson techniques and SMEAC briefings, we challenge the cadets by including syndicate debates and a discussion on some real examples of leadership in action.”

This year, the NCO course was won by Cadet Natasha Marshall. Cadet Marshall was made a Corporal on winning the course. As an additional surprise, Cadet Corporal Marshall was presented with the NCO Cadre trophy during Wing Commander Nigel Dickinson’s visit to the squadron the following evening. Cadet Corporal Marshall said, “It was a big surprise when I found out that the Wing Commander would present the trophy. This topped off a great weekend and I can’t wait to start my duties as a cadet NCO.”