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Leading Cadet to Senior Cadet

Article posted: Feb 25, 2016 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

After a good evening at 1101 it ended with a happy smile from Cadet Duncan, with her passing all the required exams for her Senior badge. She has worked incredibly hard for her success at 1101 and is a well-known Cadet throughout our Squadron, not only for the amount she works but also for being a friendly and outgoing person and I’m sure she has pride in herself as I’m sure the CO has in her.

There isn’t much further for her to go only 2 more classification needed until we see another yellow lanyard, she even commented stating how excited she is towards moving forward in her career as a cadet:

Cadet Duncan- ‘I’m feeling more optimistic about achieving the most I can from cadets’

It’s always nice to see a young and active member of our community progress within their life, so it’s nice that a deserving person such as Cadet Duncan has that opportunity.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Yates
Squadron MCO