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Long Eaton Air Cadets on a Camp for Developing and Progressing

Article posted: Sep 18, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Last weekend, four junior cadets attended one of their first camps at RAF Wittering for two days and two nights. This camp was based on wearing their greens uniform.

Cadets Jake Sanderson, Max Pierrepont, Dan Mcleron and Olivia Olsson attended the camp which aims to give newer cadets an experience of some of the things they may do later on in their cadet career.

To start off the first night, everyone unpacked their many suitcases and made themselves at home, figuring out who they shared rooms with and settling in. The first night the cadets were introduced to all of the staff and informed of the weekend activities, giving them time to prepare themselves. They were also put into flights A and B to separate up the camp.

After awakening at early hours, cadets were ready for room inspections at 7:00am. Breakfast was served at 7:15 down in the Mess, consisting of sausages, bacon, eggs, hash browns and beans. The full English breakfast went down the hatch.
By 8:00 they were all ready to go down to Vigo woods to start the day with field craft activities such as: camouflage and concealment, learning about the uses of their uniform, learning how to do a security check on a vehicle and learning silent movements. They were put into their two flights to take part in the exercises.

After lunch, the two flights regrouped for a second briefing and then split into flights again. Having had a tiring day in Vigo Woods, the evening meal seemed well earned. The cadets cammed back up for the night-ex where they put their skills to the test, searching a mysterious mini bus for a supposed bomb; putting their new silent moving techniques to work, making sure they were unseen. They successfully completed the task and went back to the block to clean up and shower.

To finish off the night, the cadets were treated to watching the Battle of Britain movie and were given a few edible treats as a reward for their hard work throughout day.
Cadet Max Pierrepont said “The weekend has given me an awful lot of confidence for my future career in the Air Training Corps. I Hope to do many more camps and activities in the future!”

Written by Cadet O Olsson
2195 (Long Eaton) ATC