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Long Eaton’s next generation

Article posted: Sep 10, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Long Eaton Air Cadets is very pleased to welcome three new fully enrolled cadets onto the squadron.

On Tuesday 8th September, Cadets Martyna Zieminska, Sophie Rowlett and Anthony Robertson were officially enrolled onto the squadron as junior cadets.

Throughout the past few months they have been learning drill, basic first aid, uniform maintenance and have been taught lessons about the RAF and ATC. Prior to enrolling, the cadets had to fill in part of their First Class booklet as part of becoming a junior cadet.
They were all nervous yet excited to be fully enrolled onto the squadron and they had been taught how to receive their 3822 log book beforehand.

Parents of the cadets were in attendance to watch their child enrol onto the squadron. Firstly, all cadets on parade recited the cadet prayer and thereafter, the newly enrolled cadets were called up individually to collect their 3822s.

Cadet Rowlett said “I was quite excited about passing out of T-Flight and it was great wearing my Wedgewood uniform for the first time!”
Written by Cadet Kira Beadle
2195 (Long Eaton) Squadron