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Lord Mayor’s Jubilee Concert

Article posted: Jun 14, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

As we all know that this year Queen Elizabeth the second along with the whole country will be celebrating her diamond Jubilee marking 60 years of her reign. An event that hasn’t been celebrated in Britain too often, in fact the last time Britain celebrated Diamond Jubilee was 115 years ago so a long time. So to mark the occasion there were lots of events taking place all around the country and one of those events was the youth concert held in Derbyshire. It wasn’t to as grand a scale as the Jubilee concert in London but it was brilliant never the less.

Our squadron was one of few squadrons invited to carry the banner into the concert and I had the honour of carrying the banner into the concert on behalf of my squadron which was one of the highs of my cadet career.

I originally thought that I would be quite bored at the concert as I’m not the most musical person on earth but to my surprise I really enjoyed it and they played some of my favourite songs which was a bonus except Mamma Mia, I didn’t like that. But there were some really good bits of the show which I’m sure everyone in the hall enjoyed, mainly the 13 year old conductor and the harpist. Both of whom gave a really great performances. However I think the best performance was by the orchestra who played really great music for almost 2 hrs straight I mean if I was there I would’ve probably fainted so a great well done to the whole orchestra. One of the most interesting songs they played was Sherk dance party which apparently got everyone in the hall involved which was a quite funny and scary mainly because I’ve never seen so many people singing at once.

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience for me and looking at the atmosphere in the hall I think everyone else really enjoyed it as well. I think it was a fitting contribution to the celebrations going on all around the country.

Sgt Mishra
2418 (Sherwood) Sqn