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Masterchef – The Cadet Professionals at 126 Sqn

Article posted: Dec 19, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Cadets from 126 (City of Derby) Squadron swapped their berets for chef’s hats on Monday to take part in the squadron’s annual Masterchef competition.

Cadets from the squadron split into 5 teams to cook up a 3 course meal on a budget of £15. Each team had to carefully plan their menu around a country from the United Kingdom. Then using only camping stoves and pans borrowed from parent’s kitchens and larders, the cadets chopped, boiled, fried and whisked up a meal fit for any Officers Mess or top restaurant.

The annual Masterchef competition is organised by Adult Warrant Officer Eileen Smith. This year AWO Smith was joined on the judging panel by squadron training officer Flying Officer Jackie Glover. The panel marked all aspects of the competition, from preparation and table layout to the final tasting session. They were highly impressed with the standard of food that was presented.

The winning team on the night was commanded by Cadet Sergeant Zachary Connor. His team served a delightful beef broth for starter, followed by a main course of smoked salmon with a medley of steamed vegetables. The team based their menu around Scottish cuisine so the meal was rounded off by a mouth watering deep fried Mars Bar served with ice cream.

The main course was prepared by Cadet Corporal Jake Perry. He said, “I love cooking and salmon seemed the obvious choice with our Scottish theme. It was a challenge to prepare the meal in the short time we were given but it turned out well and the judges seemed to enjoy it.”

AWO Smith presented the Masterchef shield to the winning team. She said, “Masterchef is my favourite competition of the year. It was made harder this year as the staff put in a team led by our Commanding Officer who is a keen amateur chef. However, the cadets worked hard and the results were amazing. I think we have some future chefs in the making.”