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More Cadets prepared for further Service

Article posted: Mar 26, 2009 by sl6

Twenty one cadets, predominately from across the Northern sector of South and East Midlands Wing gave up a Sunday to attend a BASIC Course, held at the Headquarters of 1360 (Stapleford and Sandiacre) Squadron.

The BASIC Course is a pre requisite for cadets wishing to continue service in the Corps as Instructor Cadets.

Squadron Leader Mark Richards, the Wing Training Officer (Cadet Development), and Flight Lieutenant Jodi Hudson (OC 1936 (Newton) Sqn) delivered the course which provides these senior cadets with information on subjects as diverse as Health and Safety, Duty of Care, further opportunities within the Corps, cadet welfare and where Instructor Cadets fit into the Corps structure.

Directing Staff and Cadets who attended the BASIC Training Course.

“I found the course really informative” said Cadet Sergeant Jade Brock “as a cadet you have no idea of what the squadron staff have responsibility for. You just expect to be provided with the activities without realising the time and effort that goes into it all”

All cadets wishing to continue cadet service after they have reached their eighteenth birthday must have completed the BASIC Course.

By Flt Lt Allan Munns – Wing Media & Communications Officer, S&E Midlands Wing