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Mouth-watering. Competitive. Devine. From wearing berets to Chef Hat’s!

Article posted: Apr 06, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Long Eaton Squadron’s Master Chef Competition was once again exotic and challenging. Cadets were challenged to make the best menu for the judges but also to make their chosen menu with their training for using tranches and skill to create their fine dining food.

This year Cadets had the option to choose any country in the world, once a country was chosen they then had to design a menu using the countries food and style. To add to the competition the Staff also entered a team of Civilian Instructor’s, Mr McHale and Mr Tolson. The countries chosen were as followed; Number 1 Flight Jamaica, Number 2 Flight Italy and the Staff Team India.

Ready, set, go! Cooking kicked off with eager Cadets displaying their skills and chosen cuisine. The starters were presented to the food critics, of Flying Officer Kment, Cadet Warrant Officer Parr and Cadet Flight Sergeant Simpson, after half an hour of prep time. The main course and dessert quickly followed, each course being assessed on its taste, presentation and technical skill.

The competition was close but we managed to come up with a winner, a runner up and a 3rd place. The winners this year were Number 1 Flight, with Jamaica as their theme, Number 2 Flight were in second place and the Staff team placing in third, mainly because of the lack of their dessert due to change in weather. The lucky winners were presented with an Easter egg to share among the flight.

Cadet Corporal Catherine McHale said “Last night was lots of fun even though the weather was not on our side. Number 2 flight may not have won but, next time we shall be stronger and better!”

Written by Cadet Corporal J Bland.