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MTa Training

Article posted: Mar 23, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Utting

Flt Lt Andy Faulkner and Fg Officer Mike Nash have just returned from a Training Day helped by the MTa Facilitators Training Team in Milton Keynes. The training day was aimed at groups who have recently bought an MTa Leadership Training kit and helps the instructors (or facilitators as they refer to) use the kit to its full potential.

The day started with a short exercise from the MTa Insights kit, both Fg Off Nash and Flt Lt Faulkner being placed into different groups. With an element of competition the rivalry was on, with Mike’s team winning the first exercise. After this exercise the groups returned to the forum to discuss the exercise and the elements of the participant and facilitator, moving on to discussions of qualities and expertise of the leader and how to user the debriefing or learning section of the training exercise.

Using what we had learnt we moved onto another exercise using the insight kit. This time Andy’s team romped to victory, not being competitive at all!! Again using the debriefing format as before, all returned to the forum for our learning’s from the exercise. For the remainder of the day, the format would be the same but with the user of the MTa Team Kit and MTa Mini. The day would demonstrate how to used the kits and how to run the exercises as the facilitator/instructor.

Fg Officer Nash said “it was a good day with very useful information about the kits and how to get the most from them”

Flt Lt Faulkner said “A very insightful day with lots of new ideas on how to use the kits. I now have Fg Off Nash badgering me to buy more kits”