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Multi-Training Weekend Success

Article posted: Dec 03, 2008 by sl6

Over the weekend of the 28th – 30th November 2008, the Cadet Development Team of South & East Midlands Wing held it final Multi-Training Weekend of 2008 at RAF Cottesmore.

The concept of Multi-Training Weekends was introduced in 2008 with the aim of holding several cadet training events in one location over a weekend, to reduce the number of training dates in the training calendar, thus freeing up valuable time for Squadron based training and activities.

During the weekend of the 28th – 30th November, a total of 86 cadets attended the various courses which included Radio Communicators’ Badge course, BTEC Project Training course, BASIC Training course and the Cadet NCO Drill Instruction course.

In addition, staff from various Squadrons also attended the Radio course, BETC training course and the Cadet NCO Drill Instruction course and received valuable training that will help them better run BTEC and Radio at a Squadron level and improve drill standards at their respective Squadrons.

Cadets who attended the Radio Communicators’ Badge course as part of the recent Multi-Training Weekend held at RAF Cottesmore.

Sqn Ldr Mark Richards, Wing Training Officer (Cadet Development) said “the concept of the Multi-Training Weekends has really taken off and it was pleasing to see so many cadets on the various courses, the place was a real buzz! 2008 has been another busy year for the Cadet Development Team who continue to deliver structured and progressive training for cadets within the Wing.’

‘We have filled a total of 350 cadet places on our BASIC, Initial NCO, Advanced NCO, Cadet NCO Drill Instruction, Radio Communicators’ Badge and Provisional Operators’ Certificate courses during the year and further places, in addition to the 350 mentioned above, have also been filled on the BTEC training front.”