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National Armed Forces day opening ceremony- 2418 Sqn

Article posted: Jul 04, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Today I was extremely fortunate to be part of a great day in Nottingham’s history:
Ready for a practice run of the flag raising ceremony To mark the start of National Armed Forces week,

I met another Air cadet, two Army cadets and two Navy cadets, all six of us were taking part in the flag raising ceremony.

During the ceremony, four service personnel members parachuted down onto Wollaton park and brought the flag up the hill to us which was passed from the current service, to the past (being the veterans) one from each force, then to us, the future of the forces.

Following the raising of the flag there were various speeches followed by a buffet lunch in the hall, and also radio and television interviews.

A day I am most proud to have been part of!

FS M Grant