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National Band Championships for 1084

Article posted: Dec 15, 2009 by Sqn Ldr Mayoh-Smith

The band travelled down to RAF Halton to take part in its 4th National Band Championships.
The Fanfare Section playing in the finals for the first time performed well and finished a creditable 4th.
The Full Band was totally professional such that an error they made during the contest, which could have resulted in less experienced bands freezing went unnoticed by the audience as the band improvised their recovery. Unfortunately despite their high standard it was not enough to win, although in finishing 3rd they were only 8 points adrift of 2nd place and 14 behind the winner Royton Squadron.
To round off the event Cpl Tim Monk was judged 3rd in the Drum Major contest and the band 3rd in the Best Turn out Contest.
Flt Lt Smith paid tribute to the band ‘the cadets played better than ever and were desperately unlucky not to finish runners up. The cadets enjoy playing music as well as taking part in the full range of ATC activities. Very few play music outside the squadron band and the extra effort they put into their music reflects great credit on them all and I am very proud of what they achieve. I would also like to thank the staff who train the band in particular Flt Lt Standish who has trained the band for over 25 years. Following his transfer to HQAC Music Services Flt Lt Standish felt he should maintain an impartial stance and stood down as bandmaster. His input and experience will be missed but I am sure CI David Standish will prove a more than worthy successor.