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NCO Aircrew Course for South & East Midlands Wing Cadets

Article posted: Oct 01, 2009 by sl6

Cadet Flight Sergeant Darren Walker and Cadet Corporal Katie Elam both from 2195 Squadron (Long Eaton) recently attended a week-long Non Commission Aircrew work experience course.

The course, organised by Warrant Officer Steve Owen-Brown (The Work Experience Co-ordinator) and Aircrew Sergeant Stuart Clayton of (The NCA Liaison Team), consisted of ten cadets from Wings across the Corps.

The course started off on the Sunday with three days at Royal Air Force College Cranwell and included visits to Dominie Aircraft of 55® Squadron, practical lessons in vehicle loading and restraint on a mock-up of a C130 and Globemaster loading platforms, as well as visits to various Aircrew training facilities including Acoustics, Radar, and NCO Aircrew roles and training briefs. In addition, all the cadets took part in the RAF fitness test.

Cpl Katie Elam and CFS Darren Walker of 2195 (Long Eaton) Sqn who attended the Non-Commissioned Aircrew work experience course.

Day four of the course started with a visit to RAF Waddington which included an informative tour of 51 Squadron Hangar (Nimrod), followed by a visit to 23 Squadron (Sentry). Cadets were shown round one of the Squadron’s aircraft, and the visit finished at 5 Squadron Hangar (Sentinel) with a talk on ASTOR.

The course then moved to RAF Cosford for day 5, which included a trip to RAF Shawbury with every cadet being given a trip in one of the CFS Helicopters.

Flight Sergeant Walker and Corporal Elam said “it was a fantastic week and we would recommend anyone who is seriously thinking about joining the RAF as NCO Aircrew to get their name down to go on a course”.

Warrant Officer Steve Owen-Brown added that the Non Commission Aircrew course was only one of the many work experience courses available and any Cadets that are interested in any future courses should contact their Squadron OC or TG2a at HQ Air Cadets.

By CI Richard Elam, Media & Communications Officer – 2195 (Long Eaton) Squadron