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NCO Aircrew Work Experience

Article posted: Feb 26, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

From 13th–15th February I was selected to take part in RAF Non-Commissioned Aircrew work experience at RAF College Cranwell.

There were 12 cadets selected from all over the UK to attend this experience. During the first day, we had a tour around the main RAF College building where we were informed of the building’s history and looked around the memorabilia on display. We then took part in a physical fitness test, visited the safety section and the crewman-training centre.

Cdt Sgt Norman at the controls of a Sentry Aircraft

On the next day we had a visit out to RAF Waddington, whilst on the base we visited No 54® Squadron and No 8 Squadron to see the E-3D Sentry AEW1. Then we visited No 5 Squadron to visit the Sentinel R1 aircraft. This was a very enjoyable experience and I would recommend it to anyone as it can give a really good insight to RAF life and the jobs that you can do.

By Cdt Sgt Andrew Norman
1181 Sqn