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New Intake for 1461 (Wigston) SQN

Article posted: Sep 23, 2014 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Over the past 3 months 1461 have been preparing for the soon to be new cadets of the squadron. Through means of public media, social networks and word of mouth the staff at 1461 have been working hard to make sure this intake is the biggest it has ever been, especially now the age limit has been lowered by a year!

The intake night was designed by our own FS Henson who put together a seamless program of activities to display the best the ATC has to offer. This was of course executed to the letter and the visiting parents has nothing but praise to offer after watching all the different stands which included shooting, a drill display, D of E exercise, Field craft talk and a first aid CASEVAC exercise. This was taken in well and with over 130 people in attendance that evening, it is safe to say the night was a success.

1461 media team