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Newest Cadets Finish Training

Article posted: Feb 21, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Mayoh-Smith

Our newest bunch of cadets who joined the squadron back in September have officially ‘passed out’ and become fully-fledged members of the squadron. After joining at our open evening back in September the cadets have been going through the motions to attain the certificate of 1st Class Cadet. They have completed training modules in first aid, learnt about the history of the RAF and cadets, attended parades for Remembrance Day and ATC Sunday and have been very enthusiastic within our community events. They are also well on the way to achieving DofE Bronze and a BTEC qualification! New cadets traditionally form ‘T Flight’ amongst our already ‘A and C Flights’ that make up the rest of the squadron. Cadets from ‘T Flight’ have now been merged into the other flights to make way for a new bunch that started last week. They can now earn valuable points for their flights and for the squadron in competitions not only at a squadron level but also to a national level in target shooting, drill, and sports.

Please find a photo of Elaine Davies and Duncan Ferguson holding their certificates.

The cadets parade at the Loughborough TA Centre from 7pm on Monday and Thursday nights. Feel free to browse our website at .