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NEWTON – Chocks Away!

Article posted: May 14, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Air Experience Flights are normally a Cadet privilege, but on some occasions, flight slots allowing, adult staff may also benefit from this unique experience.

CI Andrew Sherwin got more than he expected today, after he was invited to fly in one of AEF7’s marvellous Grob Tutor aircraft. Only there to ferry the cadets to RAF Cranwell, and look after the cadets (along with CI Sean Swales), he was surprised with a flight for his troubles.

After the flight he talked excitedly of his first flight alongside the experienced Tornado pilot that was flying the Tutor aircraft that day, “The pilot asked me if I wanted to do aerobatics, I said I was not sure, so instead of that, he showed me how pilots perform an emergency landing practice after a pretend engine failure. He asked me to pick a target field to pretend to land in, I did, one second we were at 1000ft, next we were at a 100ft! It happened so fast, yet I felt really confident with my pilot who does this sort of thing daily for a living…”. He added later “…everyone should experience that at least once in their life, it was fantastic!”.

CI Andrew Sherwin coming to rest after a great first flight in the Grob Tutor aircraft

By CI Sean Swales
1936 (Newton) Sqn ATC