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NEWTON – Its a Shoot Out at Starwars!

Article posted: May 21, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On Monday 14th May, six Cadets from Newton Squadron in trepidation travelled down to Laserforce in Leicester to take part in a competition against Syston, Loughborough and Oakham Squadrons.

On arrival they were given a briefing and explanation as to how the scoring worked. They were then given a practice game after which the teams went back to their bases to discuss strategy and who was to be responsible for weaponry etc. The competition then began in earnest with three separate games lasting fifteen minutes each.

After the first game Newton was trailing badly in bottom position. Flt Sgt Tom Dodge, team leader rallied his troops after each game. The chauffeurs, CI Phillipson and Civ Com Chair, Mrs Greasley were left outside the warzone watching the screens – the last game being particularly tense as they watched Newton’s team rapidly changing position from last to second, to third to first and back again.

At the final reckoning it was great to find that after all the games Newton had come second in the heat! Well done to the jubilant team F/Sgt Dodge, F/Sgt Wilson, Cpl Evett, Cpl McHarg, Cdt Ellison, and Cdt Ball. We hope we get the chance to play in the final heats.

As well as being an enjoyable and fun evening the event helped with team building, leadership and strategy planning. Many thanks to Fg Off Michael Nash and Staff for organising this.

By Cdt F/Sgt T Dodge & Cdt F/Sgt G Wilson
1936 (Newton) Sqn ATC